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  Millennium Communities

A retreat to the country is understanding the need to find balance through a relationship to nature, which we don’t  experience in the urban center.

Grass with Dew

Millennium Villages are a new vision of what the future could be.

It’s an attempt to do something that’s never been done before, and it’s coming at a time when the world needs fresh thinking and new solutions.

Put simply, Millennium Villages will be a place for people who want to be part of building a new model for affordable and attainable ownership.

A recreational resort lifestyle with rental income and sustainable living at its core value.


The Work from anywhere phenomenon

“One of the really big changes is for millions of people they’ve been untethered from where they have to work,” says Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb. “They can go anywhere, and work anywhere. There’s a sense of freedom that people never had before.”


The year 2021 saw the work-from-home revolution carry over from the previous year, with millions of office workers continuing to clock in from home as the coronavirus pandemic remained stubbornly prevalent. 

With some workers committed to a permanent work-from-home lifestyle, many have uprooted themselves from the major cities their jobs are based in — or at least dreamed about it. 


New data from Zillow shows what the website purports to be the most popular places of the year.

Many of the most popular places have in common the opportunity for outdoor recreation and relative affordability. 


“The most popular places on Zillow reflect a couple of trends we’ve been seeing throughout the pandemic,” said Amanda Pendleton, a home trends expert at Zillow. “People have turned to work remotely, at least occasionally, are exploring new opportunities in areas that offer relative affordability and year-round outdoor living.” 


An idea whose time has come


Micro housing land plots

A new concept to afford your own expandable home with monthly rental income cash flow opportunities. 


"We believe giving financial opportunity in the hands of more people will make for a better society."


A unique design concept allows purchasing a Micro housing plot, which can allow for just one Micro home site or for the investor-minded, multiple Micro home plot that you can live on one and rent out the others to people who also love the concept.


Think of owning a multifamily apartment, but instead, it's just the land for other micro homes that you can sell or rent without the hassle of maintenance of a structure. 

The micro/tiny home phenomenon is exploding, and people need places to put them. Here is example of layouts.








                        The community gardens plots
















                    Micro Cluster plot with BBQ shelter 














                  So what are the costs and options...

Microsite: (personal usage)

The single plot is perfect for one Micro"expandable"home with intimate backyard space. 

Pre-reservation prices begin at $29,000 for Founder pricing 

Micro village plot: (for the investor)

Large enough to create your own design concept, allowing for up to ten Micro home plots for your friends, family, or others. 


Live on one, rent out the other nine micro plots at $450 per month times nine equals $4,050 per month/$48,600 of potential income annually. With no maintenance of the homes, since you're just renting out your land plots.

Or, sell one or more plots at market price. Bring your friends or family members. 

Pre-reservation prices begin at $150,000 for the Founders Club pricing.

For larger plots, inquire, we love to talk and explore new concepts.  

How do I finance...

Millennium Village will offer financing from the developer without the need to go to a bank unless you want to with one of our preferred lenders or your own. 


Developer financing option... maybe you just graduated and don't have the typical two years of income or tax returns for self-employed to qualify for a mortgage.

Or your past you had some hiccups but we understand those because a lot of us have, however your current situation is stable now. Maybe because you're plugged into the growing internet of things (IoT) "work from anywhere economy," or whatever it is, you are ready to own something.