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   Micro housing solution for the future of
affordability and availability housing crises

Let's look at some driving forces        that will create the coming

       micro-communities boom

  • Affordability meets chic with quality, Small but beautiful, the micro/tiny home movement is turning out some really cool small homes which are driving a high demand for market acceptance. To help with the affordability crises in cities like LA, Seattle and is spreading across to the East Coast in the form of A.D.U's (alternative dwelling units) in your backyard to give flexibility from anything from an office, guesthouse, or rental income. As the affordable issues only get worse, and the demand for housing is exploding because of the Millennial generation coming into the prime buying age of 30 over the next 4 years hitting a peak buying age and then the Gen Z's behind them. 

  • The technological revolution               The work from anywhere generation. Millennials and Gen Z's are rethinking their    9 to 5 jobs office jobs and switching to subcontract their work or start their own business. This is allowing them to offer digital talents for a new business model and is leading the entrepreneurial explosion.  

  • Urban crime and high costs of living          Uncontrolled flare-up riots and smash in grab violence running ramped because of the defund and decriminalized movement and open borders can't be good for the future of civil society nor the feeling of personal safety.

  • Viral outbreaks in the future                    will mean people will want to have escape plan B to get out of the fray and be self-sufficient. 

  • High desirability for real estate                  of natural beauty in a peaceful community with a village community with safety. But also offers outdoor recreational opportunities for not just physical and mental health but also for the enjoyment of it. 

  • The great migration to better weather and less congestion with lower taxes. 

  • The Airbnb model of sharing through trading platforms such as Third Home exchange networks, a genius and affordable way to trade usage of your home for your second or third home allowing the flexibility of travel without high cost.

  • People will want to travel now that the employment umbilical cord has been cut by virtual working changes permeating throughout the largest corporations. 

  • Cost barriers will break down because no longer will you have to pay the profits to somebody who owns an Airbnb because you're trading a week or two or a month or two or even a year or two thru these exchanges. For example, if you live on the East Coast and you want to get to the south or west but yet a certain amount of people are still going to the East Coast trading makes sense. 

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